Ultimate GoPro Mount Set

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This is a set consisting of clip on plate and attachable single and dual GoPro quick mount brackets, plus optional level plate.

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Do you need a simple and secure way to attach up to two items, such as searchlights, using GoPro quick release adjustable mounts? 

Do you want a simple way to check level whilst out in the field for calibration purposes?

How about wanting to attach alternative items, such as the cool Theta 360 camera, using a standard 3/8" screw fixing?

This set consists of an attachment plate, that clips to the underneath of the battery cage on your Inspire, and both a single and dual removable rear bracket that accepts GoPro quick release mounts. As well as clipping to the underside the set also comprises 2 x 8mm screws to replace the existing 2 lower screws thus providing even greater attachment security.    We supply two different plate types, a standard and a Flytrex version.  Whilst the rear brackets are removable you can still place your Inspire in your existing (most) aftermarket travel case(s), although some slight trimming of the internal foam may be necessary for the Flytrex version due to the additional depth below the battery cage.

Standard version: this type is a flat plate that sits against the underside of the battery cage. If you use a Flytrex device then this can still be stuck to the underside in the same way as advised by Flytrex, albeit a few millimetres lower due to the plate.

Flytrex version: this version incorporates a cage which provides a snug fit for your Flytrex which is simply pushed in and held in place. The Flytrex can remain permanently fitted whilst the cage is attached to the craft.

Whichever version you select you will receive the attachment plate plus both single and dual rear brackets.


  • Standard or Flytrex attachment plate (as selected)
  • Single GoPro rear bracket
  • Dual GoPro rear bracket
  • 2 x M2.5x8mm screws

Optional Extras

Level Plate: As an additional option you can also choose to add a Level Plate to the set.  The level Plate includes a 2 axis bubble level to enable you to check for level ground to carry out IMU calibrations in the field. The bubble levels supplied are of the highest quality.  However, these type of levels cannot be relied upon to be 100% accurate but do give a great indication of the surface level and certainly better than using nothing or the naked eye.  Please note actual bubble level style may differ from picture shown due to availability but will always be a multi-axis (minimum 2) level bubble to enable 'in the field' calibration.

3/8" Screw Mount Plate: This plate comprises a 3/8" standard tripod style mount hole plus Quick Release D-Ring captive screw fixing,  This allows you to add a plethora of items to the craft, such as the Theta 360 camera, which affix via an industry standard 3/8" tripod style mount. This optional plate includes the quick release captive D-Ring fixing screw so you are ready to go.


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Ultimate GoPro Mount Set

Ultimate GoPro Mount Set

This is a set consisting of clip on plate and attachable single and dual GoPro quick mount brackets, plus optional level plate.