About us

Our company

Aero3D designs, manufactures and sells , accessory items for UAVs.  We are affiliated with Aeroeye, the foremost aerial imaging and security company in South Wales, UK with plenty of first hand experience building and flying aerial systems. We custom design, manufacture and source add on parts for Unmanned Aerial Systems (commonly referred to as drones) as well as other more personalised items, either to our own or to customer specifications.  

We are also Official UK Reseller for the SmartPowerCharge and Limitless Aerial Systems range of accessories. These include the ultimate micro-processor controlled battery chargers to charge multiple batteries to enable continued flying and to maintain your DJI batteries in optimum condition.

If you see something you like or need, we look forward to welcoming you as a customer.  If you don't then why not get in touch and tell us about those little things that would make a big difference to you.

Our location

Talygarn Manor

We are located on the edge of the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan which affords us plenty of flying locations, when the Welsh weather permits.

Our team

The most important member of our team, Charlie.  She keeps us sane when the chips are down.